Management of Implementation and Integration of Plants

For clients whom has difficuties or unknowledge about water and wastewater process treatment, we offer a capacitated team for the management of integration of the system, avoidyng specifcation and assemblyng mistakes that compromises the final quality of water, and/or increases the implamentation costs of project. The management can be dedicated since the technical material specification for buying until the comissioning of the system.

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Turn Key Solution

ECOSAN has technologies and knowledge of several kind of water and wastewater treatment. The technical body are composed by chemical, enviromental, civil, electric and mechanical professional engineers, that are capacitated to the development of solutions, constructions, comissioning, start-up, trainning and assisted operation.



ECOSAN works in old treatment plants that needs reform, it's can be not only a simple renew, but also can be focused on productive capacity increasing with the introducing of new technologies, risks reduction, and operational cost reduction. In case of retrofitting the main characteristics are maintained and aim the improvement of the operation with a implementation cost much lower than a new plant.

Operation of Treatment Plants

We offer the service of WWTP and WTP operation, for clients whom don't have knowledge and don't have any interest in a internal professional to operate the plant. Our professional operators can work in correction of operational process and also collecting samples for analysis

Equipment and Compact System Rental

We have a variety of equipment and compact system that could be leased for tests, or temporary use, in order to reduce the implementation costs and bring more alternatives to make the costs feasible.

Technical Consultancy

We conducted studies, researches and design of plants of water, wasterwater, and reuse water plants. ECOSAN develops starting from the diagnosis until the basic project. Being optional the feasibiliy studies of project (CAPEX and OPEX)  

After-Sales Service

ECOSAN always looks to obtain the custumer satisfaction, and attend the client the best way possible. We always manufacture our products with qualified materials, and strictly following the quality procedure ISO9001, in that way, we guarantee a great product performance.