We have complete solution for industrial wastewater and industrial process water.

Water is an essential resource for industries, that goes since the incorporation of water in products, to materials, equipments and installation washing. The water used in process produce effluents that may have contaminant, as toxic residual, heavy metal, organic material and etc. Concerned about water shortage and aiming enviromental sustentabilty, the industries search for solutions for their effluents. ECOSAN has solutions in several market segments, that reduce the costs besides brings a great enviromental enrichment.

Water Treatment

- Physical-Chemical Treatment
- Sand Filter
- Multimedia Filter
- Carbon Filter
-  Zeolites Filter
- Ionic System
- Softener
- Selective Removal of Heavy Metal
- Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
- Automatic Screen Filter 
- Membrane Skid: Ultrafiltration, Reversis Osmosis and Nanofiltration
- Condensing Polishing
- Ozonation
- Ultraviolet
- Chemical Dosages System

Wastewater Treatment

- Physical-Chemical Treatment or Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
- Removal of Heavy Metal
- Advanced Oxidation Protein Products (AOPP)
- Ammonia Stripping
- Removal of Toxic Compounds
- Recovery of Metals
- Oil and Water Separator
- Activated Sludge
- Anaerobic Treatment (UASB)
- MBBR (Moving bed bio reactor)
- MBR (Membrane bio reactor) aeróbio e aneróbio
- Fixed Bed Reactor
- Aerobic, Anoxic, and Anaerobic Selectors
- Filters
- Oxidation
- Reversi Osmosis
- Reversed Electrodialysis (RED)
- Pervaporation

Market Segments

- Beverage Industry
- Food Industry
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- Chemical Industry
- Paper and Cellulose Industry
- Automotive Industry
- Biofuel Industry
- Metals and Mining Industry

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